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Google introduces tiers for its Google Cloud Platform

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Google has introduced two separate tiers for its Google Cloud Platform (GCP) in an attempt to offer a wider selection of services for its customers.

Users now get to choose between a Standard Tier offering, which delivers outbound traffic from GCP to the internet over transit networks (ISPs), while Premium Tier uses its own network.

Google says if you use Google Cloud today, you are already using the powerful Premium Tier.

The biggest advantage of Google’s own network is that the data flows in and out much faster, or at least what the company claims.

“In Premium Tier, inbound traffic from your end user to your application in Google Cloud enters Google’s private, high performance network at the POP closest to your end user, and GCP delivers this traffic to your application over its private network,” the company said in a blog post (opens in new tab) announcing the news.

“Thus, most of this traffic reaches its destination with a single hop to the end user’s ISP, so it enjoys minimum congestion and maximum performance.”

Google also says the Premium Tier offers three different paths between any two locations on the Google network, so users can expect good service even in an event of a disruption, such as a fibre cut (or two fibre cuts, for that matter).

Standard Tier also has only regional network services, such as regional Cloud Load Balancing service.

“In this tier, your Load Balancing Virtual IP (VIP) is regional, similar to other public cloud offerings, and adds management complexity compared to Premium Tier Global Load Balancing, if you require multi-region deployment.”

The two tiers will feature different pricing structrues - full details can be viewed on this link (opens in new tab).

Image Credit: Turtix / Shutterstock

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