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Google launches developer-focused domains

(Image credit: Image Credit: Google)

Google has announced it will be launching new .dev domains as part of a new early access program.

Intended to be used by software developers, the .dev domain name can be bought at GoDaddy,, Network Solutions, and Google Domains, however it will set you back some $11.500, plus $12 a year.

That is, until February 28, when the prices should go down. The fee decreases according to a daily schedule, Google said.

This Early Access Program is designed for developers and businesses who fear their domain name might get snatched, and Google is capitalising on that fear.

Announcing the new offering in a blog post, Google gave a few examples of organisations that are already using the .dev domain. There is the domain, as well as Women programmers can join forces at, while newbie coders can go to and learn how to code.

All sites using the .dev domain need to use HTTPS, it was added.

“We hope .dev will be a new home for you to build your communities, learn the latest tech and showcase your projects—all with a perfect domain name,” the company concluded.

Image Credit: Google