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Google makes it easier to manage your security

(Image credit: Image Credit: Antb / Shutterstock)

Google has added new features to make it easier for its users to control their data. The new feature is called Your Data in Search, and it allows the user to review and delete recent search activity, get quick access to the most relevant privacy controls in the Google Account, and learn more about

“When you use Google products, you generate data about your activity,” Google explains. “For Search, this data includes the terms you search for, links you interact with and other information like your current location when you search.”

Before adding the new feature, users that were searching via Google and wanted to review or manage their data needed to visit the Google Account. This way, Google claims, the entire process is simpler and more accessible.

The new feature is available on desktop and mobile web as of today. Mobile app users, both on Android and iOS, will have to wait a few extra weeks to get it. The Verge says Google is considering adding the same feature to some of its other apps like Maps next year.

This seems to be a part of a much larger effort to overhaul how users access and control their data, in line with the General Data Protection Regulation which kicked off in May, but also at a time when Google+ was shut down because of a major data leak.

Image Credit: Antb / Shutterstock