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Google Maps lets you message businesses directly

(Image credit: Image Credit: Gilles Lambert / Unsplash)

Customers that connect and share messages with different businesses through Business Profiles will now get to see those messages in Google Maps. The company has announced an update for Google Maps (opens in new tab), for both Android and iOS, which brings this type of messages to the mapping app.

The new feature is available now, and can be found in the side menu of the app.

Besides just seeing the apps, customers in some countries will be able to communicate with select businesses. That depends on whether the business has signed up for the new Google My Business app or not, and if it had enabled messages.

Last year's research has confirmed that millennials (born between 1980s and the 1990s) prefer texting over phone calls, or any other form of communication.

Three quarters would choose a text-only phone over a voice-only phone, mostly because texts are less disruptive, because it's their favourite means of communication, and because they can't be bothered to check voicemails.

Millennials also believe text is a great way to receive appointments, delivery and payment reminders, as well as surveys and promotions. They say this is unobtrusive, reminds them in their own time and in the best possible manner.

“What we see in the research data is the phone truly becoming an extension of the self, and the platforms and apps within it— digital life— occupying more than their offline interactions,“ said Rurik Bradbury, LivePerson’s global head of communications and research.

Image Credit: Gilles Lambert / Unsplash

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