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Google parent company launches coronavirus testing site

(Image credit: Future)

Verily Life Sciences, an Alphabet company devoted to the study of life sciences, has launched a website to assist with coronavirus screening and awareness.

The plans were announced by US President Donald Trump, who said that over 1700 engineers are working on the initiative.

To access the site, individuals seeking a test need to input their Google account credentials. Once logged in, users take an online “screener survey”, which directs potential patients to testing facilities in San Mateo and Santa Clara for further nasal swab tests.

Alphabet says people need to be at least 18 years old, residents of the United States and be able to speak and read English in order to participate. They also need to sign the COVID-19 Public Health “authorization form”.

The tests are said to be free, but CNBC’s report also notes that Verily collects personal information like names, addresses, emails, phone numbers and health information. This data can be used by various government and health authorities and for “public health purposes.”

COVID-19 is believed to have originated in the Chinese province of Wuhan. To date, more than 170,000 have been infected and roughly 6,600 have died.