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Google reveals Enterprise edition of Chrome OS

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Google has announced that it will soon be bringing its popular desktop operating system to the Enterprise as more businesses have opted to use Chromebooks (opens in new tab) and other Chrome OS devices due to their affordability and increased security. 

When Chrome OS first launched in 2009, its goal was to transform the way users interact with their computers by creating a simple, fast and secure operating system that took advantage of how connected society has become.  Google quickly established a foothold in the education market (opens in new tab) as its Chromebooks were much cheaper than competing devices running Windows and now the company has set its sight on businesses by adding new security features and management options. 

A Chrome Enterprise license will include a number of additional features including access to enterprise app store fronts, 24/7 support, deep security controls and cloud integration.  This new version of Chrome OS will also be fully integrated with Vmware's Workspace ONE and Microsoft Active Directory.  Unlike a regular license for Google's desktop OS, a license for the enterprise edition will cost $50 a year per device but this is a small price to pay given the extras that the company has included along with the on demand customer support.  

 Sumit Dhawa, the senior vice president and general manager of Vmware's End-User Computing division explained how the IT departments of large organisations can benefit from Chrome Enterprise, saying:  

“The consumerization of the enterprise has left IT managing multiple operating systems on a variety of devices—some provided by the business and others brought in by employees. As Chrome OS continues to gain momentum, our customers are eager to manage these devices consistently along with all other endpoints including mobile devices. Using Workspace ONE, our customers will be able to securely manage the lifecycle of Chromebooks along with all their other end points giving them better security and a consistent user experience across all devices.”   

For those interested in learning more about Chrome Enterprise, Google will be hosting a webinar with a live Q&A on August 23 (opens in new tab) and the company is currently accepting registrations. 

Image Credit: Photo-Mix / Pixabay 

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