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Google reveals major cloud security updates

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Google has just announced a new batch of updates for its Google Cloud Platform, which should allow business users more flexibility, while increasing security and performance.

Announcing the updates in a blog post, Google Cloud’s Product Management Director, Jennifer Lin, said traditional access management solutions “often put security at odds with flexibility by imposing one-size-fits-all, coarse-grained controls that limit users.”

The updates include:

  • Context-aware access capabilities, available now for select customers in beta for VPC Service Controls, and coming soon to beta for Cloud IAM, Cloud IAP and Cloud Identity
  • Titan Security Key, available now to Cloud customers, and coming soon to the Google Store
  • Shielded VMs, available now in beta
  • Binary Authorization, coming soon to beta
  • Container Registry Vulnerability Scanning, coming soon to beta
  • Cloud Armor geo-based access control, available now in beta
  • Cloud HSM, coming soon to beta
  • Access Transparency, soon to be generally available
  • G Suite security center investigation tool, available now via Early Adopter Program
  • G Suite data regions, now generally available

Google sees context-aware access as an ‘innovative approach’ to access management. It allows businesses to set up and enforce granular access to GCP APIs, resources, G Suite, and third-party SaaS apps.

The access can be based on a user’s identity, location or even the context of the request.

“This increases your security posture while decreasing complexity for your users, giving them the ability to seamlessly log on to apps from anywhere and any device,” Google says.

These access capabilities are currently available for select users through VPC Service Controls, and are coming soon for customers using Cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM), Cloud Identity-Aware Proxy (IAP), and Cloud Identity.

Image Credit: Everything Possible / Shutterstock

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