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Google reveals password checker lookup tool

(Image credit: Image Credit: Christiaan Colen / Flickr)

Google users can now check if the passwords they stored with the company have ever been leaked or compromised in any reported data breaches.

The tech giant has announced that its Password Checkup Tool, which cross-references stored user passwords with an internal database of more than four billion usernames and passwords that have been leaked online, is now available via the Google web dashboard and its Android devices.

To those interested in trying the service out, all you need to do is go to and look for a new button saying “Check Passwords”. If the username/password combination matches something that was compromised before, Google will alert the user.

On Android, users can do the same through the official Google Android app.

The company announced that the feature will soon be integrated into Chrome itself. At the moment, it exists as an extension to the browser, but soon enough it should be embedded and come with every future version of the browser.

This new feature coming to Chrome is already available in Canary, the company’s test version of the browser. To enable Password Checkup in Chrome Canary, go to chrome://flags section and enable the "Password Leak Detection" feature (chrome://flags/#password-leak-detection).

People often use the same password for multiple services, and when one of them gets compromised, they are at risk all over the web. Others fail to change their passwords even after realising the service in question was breached.