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Google to launch cloud app marketplace

(Image credit: Image Credit: Chaiyapop Bhumiwat / Shutterstock)

Google is partnering up with MobileIron to launch a digital store for cloud-based services.

The new online marketplace, which will actually expand the Google G Suite, is designed to offer businesses a centralised place to buy and distribute cloud services. 

The platform will be accessible through mobile and should go live in the second half of 2018.

Marcin Kurc, head of commerce platform at Google Cloud, says the effort will scale the ecosystem and allow the company to work with market leaders.

“Any type of simplification and working with market leaders helps us to grow the ecosystem,” Kurc said.

Bloomberg says this move is Google’s next step at trying to catch up to market leaders in the cloud industry, mostly Amazon.

Amazon has the AWS (Amazon Web Services), which has a similar store up and running since 2012. Google is also fighting with Microsoft for other corporate software customers. Even though Google does not disclose business software sales figures, it did say that it has had more than 3.5 million paying customers last summer.

Image Credit: Chaiyapop Bhumiwat / Shutterstock