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Google wants to bring Chromebooks into your business

(Image credit: Image Credit: Photo-Mix / Pixabay )

If Google has things its way, in a few years' time, employees won't have their laptops, and they won't need them. They'll just show up for work in the morning, grab a Chromebook machine at the check-in desk, and return it at the end of the day.

This Tuesday, we've seen Google announce such a program, called The Chrome Enterprise Grab and Go initiative, and in theory – it works just as described. Enterprises will be able to get a bunch of Chrome OS devices, with a subscription, and set them up in a rack, somewhere in the enterprise premises.

Employees will then be able to use all of these devices, as their data is stored on the cloud and they can access it with a single login, from any device, anyway.

“When an employee’s device is not working, the impact goes beyond the cost of replacement,” Google IT operations manager Russ White said. “There are the hours employees devote to troubleshooting devices instead of completing projects. Then there’s the time your IT team spends on repair and replacement when they could be focusing on more strategic initiatives.”

The trick is – Google is not the one supplying the Chromebooks. It's only supplying the software, the loaner management suite. It can be found on GitHub.

Image Credit: Photo-Mix / Pixabay