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Google wants to make AI testing easier than ever

(Image credit: Google)

Google is reportedly set to release several new hardware platforms aimed at making AI testing easier for developers.

The three new devices, all under the new Coral brand name, were discovered by Hackster on a web page apparently set to promote them around an upcoming launch.

They include a development board costing $149, a USB accelerator for $75 and a 5-megapixel camera add-on for the development board for $25. 

The first two items both contain Google's Edge TPU chips - tiny ASIC processors capable of running AI models more efficiently than traditional chips - and also run TensorFlow Lite, a stripped-back version of Google's AI software designed for mobile and IoT devices.

The products could be a great help to AI developers looking to build new services by helping with the inference part of the development process. This follows the initial building process of an AI service when it is launched into the wider world for the first time for proper testing.

The expected launch comes after Intel announced its own similar product, the Neural Compute Stick USB accelerator.

Coral looks set to launch soon, with Google no doubt preparing an event to introduce its new brand to developers and consumers alike - possibly at the TensorFlow Dev Summit later this week.

Image credit: Google