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Google's latest security patch to put an end to Quadrooter

(Image credit: Image Credit: Bloomicon / Shutterstock)

Google has released a new Android security fix that deals with the final two flaws in the “Quadrooter” set of vulnerabilities that was discovered last month.

Quadrooter refers to four undiscovered security vulnerabilities found in Android phones and tablets containing Qualcomm chips.  These vulnerabilities were particularly troubling as they were present on every version of Android and at least 900 million devices were affected by them.

A hacker could potentially exploit Quadrooter to gain full control of any device that was susceptible and patching these vulnerabilities should have been a top priority for Google. However, the company has said that most, but not all Android phones have received security fixes that dealt with two of the three vulnerabilities in previous security bulletins that it has released.

Now the remaining fixes have been delivered in Google's regularly-scheduled monthly security patch. Two companies, BlackBerry and Silent Circle, managed to push out patches that dealt with the remaining vulnerabilities before Android's own creator did.

BlackBerry was the first mobile phone manufacturer to release a patch for the flaws. It was followed by the creator of the Blackphone, Silent Circle. However it released a patch but later decided to retract it after the fact.

According to Google, its own Nexus devices will be the first to receive the security fix that will put an end to Quadrooter once and for all in the coming hours. Other devices from device makers such as Samsung and LG will receive the fix in the next few days. 

Image Credit: Bloomicon / Shutterstock

Anthony Spadafora
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