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Goonhilly green data centre will give UK major AI boost

(Image credit: Image Credit: Welcomia / Shutterstock)

The UK is set to receive a potential AI boost after the world-renowned Goonhilly Earth Station opened the doors of its newly built data centre today. The new facility looks to be a service for the academia and companies interested in developing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) solutions.

The centre hopes its new facility will act as a marketplace for various industries including automotive, life sciences, as well as the usual space / aerospace industries, found at Goonhilly.

It was added that the platform delivers ‘high performance GPU-based compute and storage for decentralised and centralised AI and machine learning applications’.

Goonhilly promises reduced cost of deployment and faster time to market, and also highlighted the way the data centre was built, featuring a renewable energy setup that should leave an almost negligible carbon footprint.

Allegedly, it’s one of the first organisations in the country to use liquid immersion cooling systems from Submer to chill the HPC systems down. It also has onsite arrays of solar panels, which are capable of supporting the data centre’s full power requirements of 500KW.

Goonhilly added that local wind power should be added to the mix “shortly”.

“There are people working on some clever algorithms to save our planet from climate change. The irony is that these models require heavy processing power. Fortunately new technology is helping, such as immersion cooling which is 45-50 per cent more efficient than air cooling, cuts electricity demand in half, and also allows us to use the exhaust heat elsewhere,” said Chris Roberts, Head of Data Centre and Cloud at Goonhilly.

“Through our strong partnerships with industry and academia we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of innovation. Our new green data centre is no exception. It is satisfying to open our doors to the many businesses and organisations with data-intensive applications who can benefit from this facility and the community we are creating,” commented Ian Jones, CEO of Goonhilly.