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Government cybersecurity pledge is missing a crucial element, Promon says

The UK government's recent pledge of almost £2 billion for boosting cybersecurity in the country is lacking one crucial element – mobile cybersecurity. This is according to app security specialists Promon, who have said that this approach could have 'serious consequences', as mobile is a huge market where cybercriminals are basically running rampant. 

A significant amount of this cash will be spent on enlarging police units targeting cybercrime, but when it comes to mobile, it's only mentioned once – at the formation of the Cyber Security Research Institute. The Institute is a long-term solution, or at least it aims to be, but short-term solutions are lacking. 

“It is encouraging to see the UK government recognise just how crucial a national cybersecurity strategy is,” said Lars Lunde Birkeland, Head of Communication at Promon.  

“But where it falls short is in its commitment to securing the mobile channel: this is an area where cybercriminals are becoming increasingly savvy, yet the government’s provision is focusing largely on research, rather than implementing rapid yet effective solutions.” 

Birkeland says the government should encourage businesses to adopt mobile cybersecurity technologies that protect individual apps. That basically means that the device itself can be infected, but the apps will stay intact.  

Birkeland added: “Mobile devices have become ubiquitous, so naturally hackers are seeing them as a key medium through which to conduct their criminal activities. For this reason, neglecting to focus heavily on mobile cybersecurity at the governmental level could pose serious problems for both the government and businesses in the not-too-distant future.”     

Image Credit: Pavel Ignatov / Shutterstock

Sead Fadilpašić

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