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Government IT projects are falling far behind

(Image credit: Future)

Government IT projects are failing behind, with the majority not expected to fully meet expectations, be delivered on time, and within projected budget. This is according to a new report by Pure Storage, based on a poll of 101 senior government ICT leaders.

Less than half of ICT leaders believe their current data infrastructure can help them achieve their goals of digital transformation. As it stands now, the infrastructure compromises operational agility, increases operational costs, creates compliance challenges and decreases the ability to meet citizen expectations.

They have identified data as being a vital enabler for digital transformation within government departments, as well as for the improvement of citizen outcomes. But data is of very little use when legacy infrastructure is holding it back.

ICT leaders are saying data is a key factor to deliver a time-efficient service for citizens, a reliable and uninterrupted, mobile-oriented service, as well as to deliver a satisfactory user experience.

Data can also help governments future-proof themselves, cut costs and derive value.

All of these things are arguments as to why the government needs to overhaul its data strategy and infrastructure.

“Data has the potential to enable the transformation programmes of central government departments; whether it is helping to deliver strategic objectives, implement policy changes or provide an overall better service to citizens. While it is encouraging to see that government ICT leaders recognise this potential, there are hurdles to overcome when it comes to accessing, storing, structuring and managing this data,” comments Shaun Collings, Director, Public Sector UK

You can download the full report on this link.