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Government spending on GDPR revealed

(Image credit: Image source: Shutterstock/Wright Studio)

It is now less than a month before GDPR kicks in, and now we now know how much money the Department for Work and Pensions is going to spend to train its staff for the upcoming regulation.

According to a new report by the Parliament Street think tank, £14.73 million will be spent on education and awareness, system remediation and a review of existing records storage arrangements.

The same report says that the Department for Transport will spend £547,000 for the same purpose. So far, it had spent £147,000 in preparation for the regulation.

Of this amount, £23,000 was spent on staff training and £72,000 on hiring contingent labour. The department said that for the rest of the year it is expecting to spend additional £400,000.

The Ministry of Justice has a total allocated budget of £543,31 for the GDPR, the Treasury £200,783.

“It’s clear that the incoming GDPR presents significant financial and operational challenges for government departments, which are tasked with securely processing large volumes of personal data,” commented Peter Irikovsky, CEO, Exponea.

"A major concern with this legislation is that many organisations are rushing to meet the impending deadline, hiring in external consultants and resources without being entirely certain that the changes made will deliver complete compliance. As such there is a real risk that many departments could be GDPR compliant in theory, but not in practice, due to the complex nature of their software vendors, many of which aren’t taking GDPR seriously.”

Image source: Shutterstock/Wright Studio