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UK businesses will continue to invest in digital despite Brexit

(Image credit: Image Credit: RikoBest / Shutterstock)

British businesses are fairly certain overall investment in the UK’s digital economy will increase after the country leaves the European Union. 

New research undertaken by GE Digital and YouGov found that businesses in Great Britain are confident about future infrastructure investments, with 79 per cent thinking the Government will keep investing. A third (35 per cent) thinks investment will continue with at the same pace, while 43 per cent think they’ll increase. 

More than four-fifths (82 per cent) think UK businesses will continue to invest either more (49 per cent), or at the same levels (34 per cent), despite the Brexit decision. 

“We believe that the next wave of global competitiveness will be fuelled by the Industrial Internet and that the UK has the potential to become a global hub, driving this digital revolution,” commented Mark Elborne, President and CEO of GE UK & Ireland. 

“Our research supports this with significant business confidence in digital investment.  We need to ensure that this optimism is matched by real long-term Government and Business commitment to and investment in digital skills and infrastructure if we are to realise the industrial Internet opportunity."

More than four fifths (83 per cent) would also support improving existing internet connectivity infrastructure, to enable UK to get the most out of the digital economy and the industrial internet. 

“The Industrial Internet has the potential to fuel unprecedented gains in innovation for across all sectors in the GB, bringing about profound transformation to industry. These innovations promise to bring greater speed and efficiency to industries as diverse as aviation, rail, power generation, oil and gas development, and healthcare delivery,” Elborne continued. “The GB should absolutely be at the centre of this revolution.”

Image Credit: RikoBest / Shutterstock