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Growing number of UK businesses will be cloud-only soon

(Image credit: Image Credit: Rawpixel / Shutterstock)

Being a cloud-first business and having most of its operations in the cloud is no longer a novelty, but a reality. According to a new McAfee report, 86 per cent of senior IT staff in the UK believe their businesses are cloud-first today.

What they're looking to become in the near future is – cloud only.

A hefty portion of UK businesses (40 per cent) expect to be cloud-only by 2021, with 70 per cent looking to become cloud-only businesses in the future.

The IT staff polled for the report says there are many benefits to moving into the cloud completely, including increased productivity, improved company data security, increased innovation, a wider variety of services, as well as staff efficiency. Moving to the cloud as an organisation has also made IT employees’ jobs more fulfilling, the report claims.

But not everyone is eager to move to the cloud so fast and in such capacity. There are security concerns which are holding many businesses back. Almost a quarter of the respondents (22 per cent) said they don’t think their business will ever be cloud-only, with security fears, data access concerns and compliance issues being the main factors.

Besides, there’s rampant uncertainty over who is ultimately responsible for ensuring data in the cloud is secure.

“Data and applications have shifted to the cloud – and where they go, cybercriminals will try to follow. We’re now in a new era of cloud-native data breaches,” commented Raj Samani, chief scientist and McAfee fellow.

“As we shift towards a cloud-only or cloud-first business environment, organisations must adapt their security technology and processes to close the gap between cloud adoption and secure enablement in the enterprise. Businesses will need to adopt cloud-native security tools that are purpose-built for cloud security. If not, they run the risk of becoming an easy target for cybercriminals.”