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Hackers infecting other hackers with remote-access trojan

(Image credit: Image Credit: Leolintang / Shutterstock)

Hackers are targeting other hackers with malicious tools, in a bid to gain access to systems their peers have already infiltrated, according to researchers at Cyberreason. 

As reported by TechCrunch, popular hacking tools are being repackaged to carry njRat, a well-known RAT (Remote Access Trojan).

This means whenever a hacker downloads an infected tool they in turn fall victim to a trojan attack, compromising their systems.

njRAT itself is seven years old, allegedly originating in the Middle East, and is currently being distributed on hacking forums.

According to Cyberreason's Amit Serper, njRat gives the attacker full access to the target’s desktop, including files, passwords, and their webcam and microphone.

“So far, we have found samples that are either pretending to be various hacking tools or pretending to be installers of the Chrome Internet browser," said the researchers responsible for the discovery.

The infected hacking tools include exploit scanners, tools for brute forcing accounts and SQL injection tools.

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