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Half of anti-malware products fail to recognize notable threats

(Image credit: Image Credit: B-lay)

Most popular, well-established cybersecurity solutions do not protect their users from all notable threats, according to new analysis from SE Labs.

The security firm tested 14 of the world’s most popular cybersecurity solutions and, while products from Microsoft and Kaspersky Lab scored 100 percent, more than half failed to identify all threats.

"While the numbers of 'misses' are not out of this world, it's disappointing to see big brand products miss well-known threats," said Simon Edwards, CEO at SE Labs. 

"Although we do 'create' threats by using publicly available free hacking tools, we don't write unique malware so there is no technical reason why any vendor being tested should do poorly."

According to SE Labs, the firm used common threats that affect the general public to conduct the tests, as well as more targeted forms of attack.

"In some cases the bad guys actually help us out, by sending our own organization the same types of malware that they use to target other potential victims. The Emotet malware campaign that ran in July of this year was a notable example," Edwards added.

With the Covid-19 pandemic forcing employees to remain at home, it has never been more important to protect devices and data from cyberthreats. Businesses and consumers alike are advised to keep their operating systems, applications and cybersecurity solutions up to date.