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Half of IT teams are using temp workers this Christmas

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(Image credit: Image Credit: Wright Studio / Shutterstock)

Almost half of IT teams have hired temporary staff to handle the increased workload caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and remote working. This is according to a new report from business software apps provider Zoho Corporation, based on a poll of 200 UK decision-makers.

Besides being forced to hire temporary staff, most businesses also said they’re planning to outsource “key IT functions” next year, in order to further cut operational costs.

This is somewhat counter-intuitive, according to the report, because more than half of business decision-makers (51 percent) still expect their IT budgets to rise next year. With increasing budgets, businesses should be able to better handle the challenges brought about by Covid-19 and remote working.

Most of the money coming in next year will be spent on upskilling the workforce, which makes sense given that 82 percent of decision-makers plan to increase the use of workplace applications. They believe that, by doing so, they’ll create a more efficient team.

“Even beyond the Covid-19 pandemic, we are likely to see thousands’ of businesses maintain a remote, or at least ‘hybrid’, working structure for the indefinite future, and therefore, it’s imperative for business decision makers to equip IT teams with better long-term solutions to surging demand for their services,” said Sridhar Iyengar, MD of Zoho Europe.

“This includes adopting a scalable suite of SaaS applications, which are designed to cope with remote working.”