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Half of strategic IT projects in UK delayed by lockdown

(Image credit: Image Credit: Eugenio Marongiu / Shutterstock )

Half of businesses in the UK have had to delay strategic IT projects as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, claims a new report from software development company IJYI.

One in ten businesses, according to the report, are now "considerably" behind plan when it comes to implementing significant IT projects.

At the same time, however, the majority of businesses polled for the report were able to establish remote working practices without too many hiccups, meaning operations were not affected dramatically.

Almost three quarters were able to immediately establish remote working, with 94 percent either improving upon or maintaining productivity levels.

Overall, the vast majority (92 percent) of employees rated their company’s implementation of home working technology as either four or five stars out of five.

“When lockdown was announced, the stakes for UK businesses could not have been higher, and this research reveals how effectively they have adapted to the challenges brought about by this unprecedented situation,” said Chris Pont, CEO of IJYI.

“But businesses should also be careful to take this experience as a signal to focus on digital transformation, not only to prepare for the unexpected, but to place them in a stronger competitive position in an environment that is always changing.”

Almost half of respondents said their organization has either established a digital transformation strategy or is currently considering it. A third are focused on it at the moment, looking at either planning or implementation.