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Half of workers are not confident their employer is prepared for a second wave

(Image credit: Image Credit: Rawpixel / Pixabay)

Most businesses are not prepared to face challenges that might arise if the UK were to be struck with a second wave of coronavirus. This is the opinion of a significant portion of the country's employees, echoed in the latest report issued by The Workforce Institute at UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group).

Almost half (47 percent) of employees feel their organizations would face the resurgence of the virus unprepared, states the report.

In most cases, employees defined preparedness by reaction speed when it comes to closing offices and generally responding to the state of the world. Employees also believe businesses need to demonstrate greater empathy towards them, given the situation, as well as communicating sooner and more openly.

Most workers are also concerned about using shared common areas such as lounges and restrooms, as well as shared workspaces like conference rooms. More than a third of all employees are also worried about the cleanliness of lifts, staircases and waiting rooms.

Employees expressed further concern about balancing workloads and avoiding burnout, which are perceived as significant factors when it comes to handling a potential second lockdown.

“As organizations around the world operate through an unprecedented global pandemic, they need to double down on their employee experience strategy. However, instead of looking for trendy perks, they must get back to the foundational needs every employee requires: physical safety, psychological security, job stability, and flexibility,” said Dr. Chris Mullen, Executive Director at The Workforce Institute at UKG.

“Among employees who trust their organization more now than before the pandemic, 70 percent say the company went above and beyond in their COVID-19 response. By truly putting the employee first, a mutual trust will begin to take hold that will propel employee engagement – and the success of the business – to new levels.”