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Healthcare sector being targeted with more cyberattacks than ever

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Most healthcare organisations are witnessing an increase in cyberattacks over the past year. This is according to new figures from Carbon Black, which investigated the state of cybersecurity among healthcare organisations by interviewing 20 ‘industry-leading’ CISOs.

The report claims that two thirds of respondents see cyberattacks becoming more sophisticated in the last 12 months. The same number was also targeted by ransomware, while somewhat less (45 per cent) saw attacks whose only purpose was data destruction.

Another third witnessed island hopping, as well as counter incident response.

 “The potential, real-world effect cyberattacks can have on healthcare organisations and patients is substantial,” said Rick McElroy, Carbon Black’s Head of Security Strategy and one of the report’s authors. “Cyber attackers have the ability to access, steal and sell patient information on the dark web. Beyond that, they have the ability to shut down a hospital’s access to critical systems and patient records, making effective patient care virtually impossible.”

Healthcare is one of the more popular industries among cybercriminals and fraudsters. Healthcare data, including sensitive patient records, are highly valued on the black market and criminals are employing various tactics to try and access these information.

From phishing, to spyware, ransomware and other methods, the healthcare industry has suffered it all. Employee education, as well as proper security solutions, are considered essential for security.

Carbon Black’s full report can be found on this link.

Image source: Shutterstock/GlebStock

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