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High performance computing increasingly benefitting UK businesses

(Image credit: Image Credit: Ra2Studio / Shutterstock)

IT professionals in the UK perceive high-performance computing (HPC) as increasingly benefitting, with the vast majority considering it a ‘key technology’ for innovation.

This is according to a new report by SUSE, which claims HPC is now a driving force for positive change in the enterprise, and not just science and research.

Government organisations, academia and other industries, can all benefit greatly from HPC. It is also seen as a major ‘competitive differentiator’ for businesses, with most IT staff saying that not implementing a practical HPC application can ‘severely impact’ their competitive advantage within half a decade.  

When it comes to enterprises leading the charge with HPC uptake, Germany stands out as the country with most large organisations on board. In the UK, 43 per cent of the IT pros surveyed confirmed their business is already using a practical application of HPC, with almost half (48 per cent) considering it, as well.

Many organisations are currently in the process of educating and training their staff, to be able to implement HPC solutions.

 “HPC may have its roots in academia or government institutions but a broader spectrum of organisations – from banking and healthcare to retail and utilities – are increasingly turning to HPC to deliver massive computing power. While the historic cost of HPC or “supercomputers” had limited its use to certain market segments, the evolution of both lower cost hardware and Linux has dramatically reduced the price of these systems. With compute power increasing on a scale of one thousand in just a few years, many commercial companies are now able to tap into the power of supercomputers in the form of an HPC Linux cluster – and reap the rewards.” said Matt Eckersall, Regional Director, EMEA West at SUSE.