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Home workers still keep putting their employers at risk

remote work
(Image credit: Image Credit: Gpointstudio / Shutterstock)

If remote workers still haven’t placed your organization’s sensitive data at risk, they’ll most likely do so in the near future.

According to a new report from encrypted USB manufacturer Apricorn, employees at more than a third (35 percent) of UK businesses knowingly put corporate data at risk last year. The majority of respondents (58 percent) believe their remote workers will expose their organization’s data again in 2021.

Many (26 percent) believe their workers simply don’t care about security. While awareness among remote workers is growing (last year, 34 percent of IT decision-makers said their employees didn’t care about security), this factor is still as big of a threat as phishing, employee negligence, remote workers and third parties.

Phishing was described as particularly concerning in the report, as it was ranked as the main cause of breaches by more than a third of respondents (up from 20 percent last year).

Even though the report might paint remote workers in a bad light, that's not the whole story. As a matter of fact, two-thirds of ITDMs said their remote workers were willing to comply with security measures, but simply didn’t know how, or didn’t have the right tools in place.

“Secure endpoint controls will protect data and systems wherever employees are working, and on whatever device, so organizations have complete confidence in the integrity of its information. Implementing the necessary technologies, digital tools, and procedures for mitigating the threats associated with remote working, need not be complex,” said Jon Fielding, Managing Director EMEA, Apricorn. 

“Endpoint security and education are critical to the process, and are as simple a solution to security as washing your hands is to the pandemic.