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How Fujitsu is powering the next generation of IoT

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As the Internet of Things (IoT) continue to grow and expand to encompass much of the world around us, the need for a strong platform ecosystem to support this also grows.

With its transition from a purely hardware company to one offering a range of connected software and services, Fujitsu is aiming to play a key role in this growth, tying together its expertise in a number of fields to provide advanced services, and we spoke to Dr Alex Bazin, VP global connected services and head of IoT, at its recent Fujitsu Forum event to find out more.

“When we talk about connected services, we talk about IoT as the driver of data, cloud as where you put the data, AI and analytics as what you do with the data, and security is the wrapper around that ecosystem”, Bazin notes.

The company recently released research which found that businesses now expect a return on IoT investment faster than ever before, meaning there is little room for experimentation any more, and instead a need for fast and effective results.

Fujitsu has traditionally been strong in the manufacturing space, as the sector is probably the largest user of IoT, showing off visualisation and factory optimisation services that will give bosses more insight into how they operate.

Real-time oversight has become a key focus for many companies as they aim to boost productivity and efficiency, and Fujitsu allows customers to compare facilities wherever they are in the world. Retail is another key target sector, with Fujitsu’s visibility services allowing stores to ensure they have the right stock on the floor when it is needed, and can tailor their offerings depending on customer needs.

“It’s much more about RoI than it is about total spend,” Bazin notes, adding that Fujitsu is well placed to offer tools that will provide this, alongside more general offerings for the wider market.

AI is set to play a major role in the company’s offerings, providing even more possible insight into the mountains of data being generated by many companies.

“AI is going to be inseparable from IoT,” Bazin says, highlighting Fujitsu’s work in the healthcare and discrete manufacturing sectors, “we're long past people doing IoT projects purely for just the connectivity, they're expecting insight from their data.”

So as the IoT becomes a common presence in factories, offices and pretty much everywhere else in the modern world, Bazin says that Fujitsu is ready to play a key role in helping customers get the most out of their data.

"Some of the insights AI provides are really valuable,” he says, “we have some really good, strong industry expertise that we can take to market and solve their particular pain points.”

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