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HP gets a new CEO, as Weisler steps down for private reasons

(Image credit: Image Credit: Hewlett Packard Enterprise)

HP announced this Thursday that its CEO, Dion Weisler, will be leaving the company on November 1. His place will be taken by head of printing, Enrique Lores, the company confirmed.

Weisler was the company CEO for four years now, since he joined in 2015. He has been with the company since 2012, so before Hewlett-Packard split up. Allegedly, he is not stepping down for professional, but rather private reasons.

He described his move as “the most difficult choice” of his career.

"I've always said to put family above all else, when I talk to people within the company. And I need to heed my own advice. And so I'll be returning to Australia to deal with a family health matter," Weisler said.

Despite essentially quitting in November, Weisler will stick around until February next year, to make sure the switch is seamless. He will remain within the board of directors until the next annual stakeholder meeting.

Enrique Lores, on the other hand, has been the president of Imaging, Printing and Solutions since 2015. He was chosen as the next CEO unanimously, the company confirmed. He has been with the company for 30 years, starting as an intern.

"He's been in almost every part of the business—PCs, core print, industrial business, services," Weisler said. "I have every confidence in the entire team and in Enrique's ability to take us to the next level, the next chapter of this storied company's history."

Apparently, he also played a pivotal role in the 2015 split. 

"You will see me reaching key investors, partners and customers to make sure that we continue to nurture the relationships that have been built during the last years. Because these are really going to be critical for us going forward," Lores said. "I'm very excited about the opportunity, very excited about the future of the company."