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HP to release 3D metal printing platform next year

(Image credit: Image Credit: Ken Wolter / Shutterstock)

HP has looked to breathe new life into the 3D printing industry with the announcement of a new metal printing platform.

Announcing the news, HP's president of 3DP business, Stephen Nigro, called the launch a “major step for HP 3D printing aspiration”.

The company hopes that the release of this new platform will “transform 3D metal printing into more mainstream, high-volume production. 3D metal printing is currently available for more specialised, high-value products.

Speaking at the HP Securities Analyst Meeting in Palo Alto, Nigro also said next year HP will be introducing full colour 3D printing, as well. He added that HP will be the only 3D printing company on the market offering "mechanically robust and fully functional full-colour parts.”

Yet, HP is aware of the fact that 3D printing isn’t as big of an industry it wants it to be – yet. HP CFO Cathie Lesjak said the business is still not profitable and is still very much in “investment mode”. However, HP sees it as a long-term priority.

"Maybe one of our concerns for 3D is whether you all are going to have the confidence and patience the wait for the results," she said. "It will take time."

Image Credit: Ken Wolter / Shutterstock