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HPE unveils the world's most scalable computing platform

(Image credit: Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has unveiled what it calls 'the world's most scalable and modular in-memory computing platform'. Called HPE Superdome Flex, the platform is designed to process vast amounts of data and turn them into real-time, useful business insights.

According to HPE, Superdome Flex can offers this functionality as it comes with a 'unique modular design that scales seamlessly'. The platforms can also scale from four to 32 sockets in four-socket increments, allowing companies to keep up with the growing demands for more data.

HPE also said the platform offers ‘unmatched reliability’ that is capable of safeguarding critical workloads. The company says HPE Superdome Flex will offer 99.999 per cent single-system availability.

“Customers want to harness all of their data to derive actionable insights in real-time to make more impactful business decisions,” said Randy Meyer, HPE vice president and general manager, synergy & mission critical servers. “With HPE Superdome Flex, customers can capitalise on in-memory data analytics for their most critical workloads and scale seamlessly as data volumes grow.”

"With the proliferation of IoT devices, partnered with an increasing presence of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in businesses, data has become crucial to success. Vast amounts of data are being created on a daily basis, and for businesses to succeed, that data absolutely needs to be turned into actionable insights."

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons