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Huawei and UC Berkeley join forces to develop AI

The Chinese company Huawei had decided to enter into a partnership with the University of California, Berkeley, in order to develop and apply artificial intelligence (AI) to our daily lives.

Noah's Ark Laboratory, the company's research unit that specialises in the development of machine learning, AI and data mining, is responsible for setting up the partnership between it and the university.

Huawei's AI researchers will be collaborating with those from UC Berkeley's new Artificial intelligence Research lab. Together they will be working on a range of subjects related to AI such as natural language processing, reinforcement learning and computer vision.

The partnership is focused around bringing advancements made in AI out of the laboratory and into the hands of people. If their work is successful, it could later be implemented into the electronic devices produced by Huawei, such as its smartphones and tablets. Huawei and UC Berkeley are not focused on creating the most intelligent AI, but rather one that is functional and can contribute to society by improving the daily life of its users.

Huawei elaborated further on the aim of its partnership with UC Berkeley, saying: “The two parties believe that this strategic partnership will fuel the advancement of AI technology and create completely new experiences for people, thus contributing greatly to society at large.”

Eventually the developments made at the Berkeley lab will find their way into Huawei's software. The company could either follow Microsoft's path by creating a virtual assistant similar to Cortana or it could use its advanced AI to create a predictive service more akin to Google's AI assistant.

Either way the partnership between Huawei and UC Berkeley will benefit the company and the university and may possibly lead to breakthroughs in AI technology that are applicable to our everyday lives. 

Image Credit: J.Lekavicius / Shutterstock

Anthony Spadafora
Anthony Spadafora

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