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Huawei "can do well without US" says founder

(Image credit: Image Credit: J.Lekavicius / Shutterstock)

Huawei can do well without doing business in the US, said the company’s CEO Ren Zhengfei, in a recent interview. He also said he wouldn’t accept a deal in which China would have to make concessions, stating that he would rather see his daughter fight a longer legal fight, than to see the ‘poorer’ people of China suffer for the benefit of the company.

Speaking to the Associated Press in the company’s HQ in Shenzhen, Zhengfei said the “entity list”, on which the US government placed Huawei, won’t make much of a difference.

“Whether the ‘entity list’ is extended or not, that will not have a substantial impact on Huawei’s business,” said Ren. “We can do well without relying on American companies.”

Being on the “entity list” allows Huawei to purchase technology from American companies, but only if those companies get explicit consent from the US government. Huawei’s position on that list has been extended for another 90 days.

Huawei has been blacklisted by the US, whose government claims its 5G technology could be abused by the Chinese government and used for espionage, something the company denies. It urged its allies not to employ Huawei when building their 5G infrastructure.

US president Donald Trump recently hinted that the ban could be lifted, if China agrees to a proposed deal. Zhengfei doesn’t like the idea.

“I couldn’t take it if those poor people sacrificed their own interests for the benefit of Huawei,” he was quoted saying. 

“Maybe my daughter will suffer more. But I would rather do that instead having the poorer people in China sacrifice for Huawei’s survival and development.”