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Huawei 'disobeyed US sanctions' to ship products to Iran

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Despite claiming otherwise, it seems as Huawei indeed did violate U.S. trade sanctions and shipped American technology to Iran.

An exclusive Reuters report has claimed that new documents prove that the Chinese giaint did send HP equipment to the Middle Eastern nation ten years ago.

The cited documents include two Huawei packing lists dated December 2010. One claims that HP gear was “destined for” an Iranian carrier, and the other one, created two months later, stated, “Currently the equipment is delivered to Tehran, and waiting for the custom clearance.”

As part of the ongoing trade war between the States and China, the U.S. has been advocating against Huawei and urging its allies and partners to abandon the Chinese telecoms giant. 

It claimed that Huawei’s 5G gear could be used by China to eavesdrop on western communication, adding that company execs tried to scam western bankers into doing business with them, not knowing they were actually partnering with Huawei’s Iran-based business

Huawei has denied all accusations since day one, but the company's CFO Meng Wanzhou was arrested in Canada in late 2018 and has been battling possible extradition to the States since.

These new documents weren’t part of the initial criminal case but could shine additional light on how the whole operation allegedly worked.

Sead Fadilpašić

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