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Huawei launches EI Cluster Service and Industrial Intelligent Twins

(Image credit: Shutterstock)

Huawei has launched the El Cluster Service and Industrial Intelligent Twins, cloud-based AI solutions which promise sufficient, accessible and cheap computing power.

During the first day of HUAWEI CONNECT 2019, taking place in Shanghai, China, Huawei’s President of Cloud Business, Zheng Yelai, said the new offering’s goal is to “bridge AI's commercial chasm so that AI can benefit and bring intelligence to every industry.”

The El Cluster service is powered by Atlas 900, which Huawei claims is the “world’s fastest AI training cluster”. It consists of thousands of Ascend 910 processors, and can complete the ResNet-50 training on ImageNet under a minute.

EI Cluster Service can be provisioned instantly, Huawei added.

The Industrial Intelligence Twins, on the other hand, is a new engine for “intelligent industry transformation”, designed for the manufacturing industry. It applies technologies including knowledge graph–powered intelligent recognition engine, AI model–based intelligent prediction engine, and decision-making optimization engine.

So far, the solution has been applied in various industries, including energy, mining, cement and chemical fibre.

"Huawei have built full-stack, all-scenario AI solutions; it is now time to bring AI implementation to the next level,” Zheng Yelai commented. “HUAWEI CLOUD will drive implementation forward.”

He also said that, in order to successfully implement AI, four key roles need to be coordinated: clear business scenarios, ISVs/SIs, devices/processes, and AI platforms.