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Huawei may be laying off hundreds of US workers

(Image credit: Image Credit: Huawei)

Huawei is reportedly preparing to cut hundreds of American jobs as it looks to slash costs and mitigate the blow of being blacklisted in the US.

According to media reports, Huawei is running a subsidiary called Futurewei Technologies, and these are mostly working on research and development projects. While its Chinese employees will most likely get a chance to go back to China and continue working with Huawei, the company's Americans aren't that lucky.

Allegedly, some were already notified that they should start looking for work elsewhere.

Huawei has found itself in an ongoing battle with the US this year, with president Donald Trump signing an order in May banning American companies from doing business with it. 

The Chinese telecommunications giant was accused of being a threat to national security, as its 5G infrastructure could allegedly be used by China to spy on Western communications - something Huawei has continually denied.

Since the ban was imposed, large tech companies like Google severed their ties with Huawei, placing the company in a joyless position. It had lost support for Android, as well as for ARM.

President Trump has recently said that American companies could soon be allowed to sell their products to Huawei, but that the ban will still remain for the time being.

China and the States have been in a trade war for months now. Prior to Huawei, ZTE was caught in the crossfire, with the company almost closing down after US sanctions.