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Huawei says it doesn't expect any US sanctions

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Huawei has revealed that it doesn't expect to meet the same fate as ZTE did regarding sanctions in the US

Ken Hu, one of Huawei’s rotating chairmen, has declared that the company expects to continue working as usual, despite its fellow Chinese firm suffering at the hands of US lawmakers.

“It would be hard to imagine. Ten years ago we put in place a system to control our exports, which has become very efficient. Our policy is to closely implement all laws and regulations introduced by Europe, the United Nations and the United States,“ he said.

There was also a question of how dependent Huawei is, on US components. He said:

“We must be open and choose the best technologies, the best products. We will therefore keep buying American chips this year.”

A few weeks ago, US politicians on both sides of the political spectrum had warned against using Huawei’s products, saying the company has ties with the Chinese government and, as such, is a threat to national security. Huawei has denied the claims.

Chinese telecoms equipment manufacturer ZTE almost shut down after the US government banned its companies from doing business with it. It was unveiled that ZTE exported its products, built with US-made parts, to countries under US embargo – North Korea and Iran.

The ban was lifted, but ZTE had to pay $1 billion in fines, leave $400m in escrow and completely overhaul its management.

Image Credit: J.Lekavicius / Shutterstock

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