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Huawei says it has its own OS in case it gets banned

(Image credit: Shutterstock)

Huawei has revealed a plan B in case the trade war between China and the West means it is no longer allowed to use the Android operaing system.

Huawei’s mobile chief Richard Yu Chengdong told German media outlet Die Welt it has been working on its own operating system that can run on both mobile devices and personal computers.

Even though this is now the official confirmation, this is not the first time we're hearing reports of Huawei's proprietary operating system. As a matter of fact, media reports were coming in last year, when it was said the company was already 'years' into building its OS.  

Apparently, Huawei started building the OS in 2012, after the US government started investigating both Huawei and ZTE.

“We have prepared our own operating system, if it turns out we can no longer use these systems [Android], we will be ready and have our plan B,” Yu said in the interview.

These hints should not be taken lightly. Research suggests that in the fourth quarter of last year, Huawei has held a significant portion of the global smartphone market share – 15 per cent. To put things into perspective, only Samsung and Apple have higher market shares, with 18 per cent and 17 per cent, respectively.

Image Credit: Shutterstock