Huawei talks up 5G and AI ahead of MWC 2018


Huawei has laid out its priorities for the year ahead, with 5G and AI technology taking precedence.

The Chinese technology giant used its traditional pre-Mobile World Congress media briefing to outline its primary focus for the show, set to kick off in two weeks time, and for 2018 in general.

Speaking at the event, Ryan Ding, Huawei executive director of the board, called on various industries to work together in order to ensure technical innovation and development continues unrestricted.

AI and 5G led the way in Ding's address, as Huawei looked to establish its current expertise in both areas as well as promote possible future use cases.

This included building AI technology into Huawei's All-Cloud intelligent networks, allowing them to generate millions of bills in minutes and help users search billions of pictures in seconds.

With just under two years until the 2020 deadline for the release of 5G networks, Huawei promoted its work in the area, revealing it will spend five billion yen this year on R&D for 5G technology, along with launching a full range of commercial 5G equipment, including wireless access networks, bearer networks, core networks, and devices. 

"Huawei focuses on ICT infrastructure and smart devices to provide a plot of 'rich soil' for the development of information, automation, and intelligence technologies," Ding said.

"In this 'soil', partners can grow their content, applications, and cloud." 

"Before entering the intelligent world, we are still faced with many challenges," Ding added. "To achieve sustainable business growth, we need to keep moving beyond existing constraints and boundaries, first internally and then externally." He called on all industries to go beyond the boundaries in the areas of capabilities, connections, business, experience, and partnerships and together shape a better future."

Mobile World Congress 2018, held in Barcelona later this month, will be Huawei's next major opportunity to showcase its efforts, and the company says it will launch over 20 new products, and demonstrate results of cooperation with over 300 partners at the show.