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IBM brings cloud native computing to data centres

(Image credit: Image Credit: Majestic B / Shutterstock)

IBM has a new product that should help companies transfer software to cloud, simplify containerisation and give legacy apps a more contemporary IT management surrounding.

Called IBM Cloud Private, it will allow IBM’s customers to take the middleware and different legacy apps and put them inside containers. That should turn them into modern apps that can take advantage of Kubernetes.  

The media are reporting that IBM isn’t alone in this approach, nor it is the only service provider that has made such a move. Google partnered with Cisco, AWS with VMware, ZDNet writes.

Updating legacy apps is only one side of the coin, though. Simplifying the move to the cloud is also an important feature. As there are still many companies that hold on to their data centres, being able to do that, while having a cloud-like management experience is important, and that’s what IBM Cloud Private can do.

Michael Elder, distinguished engineer IBM Cloud Private platform, said the company focused on "what we see clients doing in private data centres today."

He also said that IBM Cloud Private is more on the platform side in this hybrid cloud game. Cloud Private will run on top of multiple systems, like the VMware. It will be able to provide a common operating model, across both private and public clouds.

You can learn more about IBM’s new offering on this link.

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Image Credit: Majestic B / Shutterstock