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IBM, Cisco reveals most powerful hybrid cloud offering yet

(Image credit: Image Credit: Ricochet64 / Shutterstock)

IBM and Cisco recently announced a new partnership that would see both companies work together to bolster their respective cyber security offerings (opens in new tab).  

Now the two companies have decided to overhaul their shared VersaStack to include new Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and hybrid cloud capabilities. 

These new features are aimed at reducing costs and helping to increase the flexibility of hybrid cloud networks. 

VersaStack VDI will be beneficial to customers as it can help reduce data centre costs while at the same time improving the security of data stored in hybrid cloud environments.  The software is also now compatible with both the IBM FlashSystem A9000 as well as IBM's Spectrum Accelerate software.  Now clients will be able to managed VDI workloads and data reduction while their data is seamlessly migrated from on-premise networks to the cloud. 

According to IBM (opens in new tab), VersaStack could provide up to 83 per cent reduction in overhead for the design, deployment and management of hybrid cloud networks with up to 49 per cent reduction in power and cooling costs and a 78 per cent reduction in the amount of cabling required. 

VersaStack will also now be integrated with Cisco UCS and Cisco networking which can be utilized to achieve improved performance and reduction in management overhead to customers. 

Liz Centoni, the Senior Vice President and General Manager of Cisco Computing Systems Product Group, highlighted how the new updates to VersaStack will benefit customers digital transformation efforts, saying:   

“These additions to VersaStack create an environment well suited for both traditional and emerging scale-out applications, addressing our customer needs in a simplified way. By bringing together Cisco and IBM technologies for hybrid IT we help customers diversify their consumption models and achieve the agility and efficiency digital transformation demands.” 

Image Credit: Ricochet64 / Shutterstock

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