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BT opens up IBM Cloud to business customers

(Image credit: Image source: Shutterstock/Omelchenko)

BT’s global businesses now have direct access to the IBM Cloud through the BT network, the operator has revealed. By using the BT Cloud Connect Direct for IBM, businesses get a fast, reliable and secure network to build and deploy critical business applications.

According to BT, businesses will get a dedicated connection to the IBM Cloud, allowing them access to things like storage infrastructure, networks and compute, AI, Blockchain or IoT.

Cloud Connect Direct for IBM will be delivered into the IBM Cloud data centres in the UK through IBM Cloud Direct Link. After the UK, it will be delivered into data centres in mainland Europe, the US, Australia and Asia. The new service is available to customers globally as of now.

Keith Langridge, vice president of network services at BT, said: “Cloud Connect Direct for IBM is designed to help businesses fully harness the potential of high-value digital services delivered via IBM Cloud. Businesses deploying IBM Cloud services can now benefit from improved performance, security and reliability, creating a rich digital experience for their customers and employees.”

Cloud Connect Direct for IBM will thus use BT’s global network reach which spans almost 200 countries. As the service is designed as part of the current network infrastructure, it will require minimum design, less change and more consistency, the company added.

Image source: Shutterstock/Omelchenko