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IBM Cloud Private offers the most flexible business hybrid option yet

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With GDPR just a month away, the need for companies to have a secure and comprehensive handle on their data is greater than ever before.

IBM is looking to aid this process through its Cloud Private platform, which thanks to some recent upgrades and expansions, offers a more complete hybrid cloud offering.

The expansions to IBM Cloud Private are another step of the company’s journey towards positioning itself as a hybrid cloud provider for the enterprise, Sebastian Krause, IBM Cloud Europe general manager, told ITProPortal.

"When we speak about hybrid cloud, what we really mean that we have the broadest offering in the industry - from on-prem capabilities to the public cloud capabilities."

"We always said, it's not about public, or private - it has to be hybrid, because customers have invested in the past...and are not going to throw this away, but want to transform it into the digital world, transform this onto the cloud, and basically have the best of both worlds."

The new extensions to IBM Cloud Private now mean that customers can essentially create their own clouds in either internal or external data centres. Krause notes that the launch is in response to customers having data across multiple existing clouds or platforms - sometimes as many as 12 to 15 clouds in one company. 

IBM is also seeing customers increasingly needing new architecture to modernise behind existing firewalls, combined with a need to run processes behind these firewall to adhere to regulations - so the expanded IBM Cloud is an entire stack that gives your company the capabilities to modernise.

"What we are seeing happening is that 30 percent of workloads will go to public cloud, 30 percent of workloads must be on-prem, then the remainder...most likely will be true hybrid cloud," says Krause.

“It's a very agile environment, but it also helps you to modernise the architecture." 

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As GDPR is set to come into force next month, companies have also got to face the fact that the data they hold will be under more scrutiny than ever. However Krause states that, although it remains a high priority, security is less of a worry for companies than previously thought.

"Companies have realised that the cloud is secure from a data perspective,” he says, “cloud has been accepted (as secure) now.”

Krause says that all IBM products are ready and equipped for the demands of GDPR, and want nothing more than to spur on innovation and digital transformation for the company’s customers.

Cloud computing remains one of the major drivers for digital transformation, with Krause noting that such change is, “happening everywhere, it's independent from the size of the company, and whatever industry you are working in…Wherever you are in the market, cloud is in conjunction with growth."

And with the cloud market seeing incredibly growth across Europe, the time is ideal for IBM to extend its evolution into the hybrid cloud scene. As customers look for technology to offer them that extra edge over the competition, platforms such as IBM Cloud Private can be the key to success.

As Krause notes, "that is the value that a company like IBM can bring, not only to be a technology leader, but also to have this industry expertise, collected over decades of experience with customers."

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