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IBM goes after Groupon in patent lawsuit

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The patent dispute between Samsung and Apple might be over, but that doesn't mean we should be denied our daily dose of patent wars. IBM and Groupon made sure we get our fix, with the former suing the latter for using their technology without license.

IBM is seeking $167 million, saying other companies, like Facebook or Amazon, have paid between $20 and $50 million, while Groupon refuses to do so.

According to Engadget's report, this is what IBM's lawyer John Desmarais said in a statement:

"The new kid on the block refuses to take responsibility for the technology it's using. IBM spends literally billions of dollars every year on research and development to make our lives easier."

There are two patents which are at the centre of the lawsuit. One is an old one, from the eighties, while the other one is a bit younger – the single sign-on feature (log in with your Facebook or Google account feature, you've probably seen it around).

Groupon lawyer, David Hadden, on the other hand, says IBM's argument is invalid “because the patents don't cover the world wide web, because IBM did not invent it.”

Hadden has also basically accused IBM of being a patent troll. "We are here because IBM has another business that IBM does not talk about in its commercials," he said. "In that business IBM uses its huge stock of patents as a club to get money from other companies."

Image Credit: Ricochet64 / Shutterstock

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