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IBM now offering cold storage solutions at cool prices

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IBM is jumping on the cold storage bandwagon, offering a service and trying to take Amazon, Microsoft, and Google a piece of their pie. The company recently announced the launch of IBM Cloud Object Storage Cold Vault, which basically stores data that only needs to be accessed every once in a while.

There will also be a cold storage service with 'pay as you use' model, called IBM Cloud Object Storage Flex, coming later this year.

With Amazon, Microsoft and Google already firmly positioned in this market, IBM figured the best way to compete is to brutally lower its prices. 

The Flex service is “potentially lowering the price by 53 per cent compared to AWS S3 IA [Infrequent Access] and 75 per cent compared to Azure GRS [geo-redundant storage] Cool Tier,” the company said in a press release which you can read on this link

The Cold Vault, on the other hand, is “designed to lead the category for cold data recovery times among major competitors.”

Pricing starts with 1.1 cents per GB, monthly. That, however, does not include outgoing network bandwidth, or API requests. 

“Clients need faster access to more of their data to become cognitive businesses with a deep understanding of markets and customer needs,” said John Morris, general manager, IBM Cloud Object Storage. “IBM’s new cloud storage services and innovative pricing model provides clients an efficient and less expensive way to act on insights from unpredictable data patterns.”

Image Credit: Majestic B / Shutterstock

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