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IBM restructuring could mean major job cuts

(Image credit: Image Credit: Majestic B / Shutterstock)

IBM is restructuring its  Global Technology Services division in a move that could lead to significant job cuts.

The computing giant has hired Bain to examine a change in its workforce which could see as much as a third of its workforce 'impacted'. Given that its current workforce counts 103,000 people, that means almost 31,000 people can expect potential changes to their professional lives this year.

So what does 'impacted' actually mean? Some people will be 'productively redeployed', or sent to other divisions, while some simply won't get a new contract when the old one expires, with their positions not being filled once they're gone.

When it comes to the geographical breakdown of the impacted workforce, almost 11K (10,900) US workers will be affected, with the rest – 20,000, coming from abroad, in Client Innovation Centres (CIC).

According to The Register, an insider commented on the redeployments saying some people might keep a job in IBM, just not at the position they used to hold.

“You [might] keep a job in IBM [but] not in your original position, go fill these available roles which might be short/ long term. There is no hard or fast position on these positions but internally they [managers] have to make a convincing business case if they do not want the resource the comes forth,“ he said.

There is also a group of 5,500 people that are “remaining to solution” or, as the IBMer puts it – the company has no idea what to do with them.

“[It] is the usual ’No idea what to offer these people, we’ll get to them eventually’, but the numbers make grim reading as 5k out of 30k may not be redeployed or offered roles that replace external suppliers.”

Image Credit: Majestic B / Shutterstock