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IBM to shutter Power-boosted private cloud

(Image credit: Image Credit: Majestic B / Shutterstock)

As part of the consolidation of its cloud offering, IBM has taken the decision to pull the plug on one of its Power services.

In an announcement published on the IBM website, the company said its Cloud Virtual Servers for VPC on POWER will lose all support on August 22, giving organisations 80 days to extract their data and move it elsewhere.

The company said it would be “redirecting efforts” towards its other main offering, IBM Power Systems Virtual Servers, which will continue to operate having seen “significant demand” since its introduction in June 2019.

“Power Virtual Servers can connect to IBM Cloud resources via the Direct Link service,” the firm explained.

The service offers AIX IBM i operating systems, but not Linux, which could put some customers in a tight spot. According to IBM, Linux support will be introduced later this year.

The firm also explained that the remaining Power cloud offering does not support GPUs, meaning Virtual Servers for VPC clients looking to use the accelerators will need to turn to x86 solutions. Scaling could also prove an issue, The Register notes, as no new orders for Virtual Servers for VPC are being taken.