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IBM wants all your IoT problems to be solved in one place

The thing with complex business solutions, such as the Internet of Things, is that it has too many moving parts which require too many partners, and businesses sometimes get lost in the process. IBM believes the solution is to offer IoT as a service, with everything from production to implementation and beyond, being available to businesses at one place. That’s why it recently announced the IoT Solutions practice – a complete array of services and offerings to help everyone, from start-ups and developers to large enterprises, a single place for all their IoT needs.  

Among the offerings, two things stand out – one is offering access to more than 1,500 industry experts, and the other is the open and free access to its Watson IoT Platform.  

“By integrating IBM Watson IoT Platform APIs and technologies, including cognitive, analytics, mobile, security and cloud capabilities, together with development and implementation consulting and ongoing support, clients can fully use the IoT without the risk and complexity of dealing with multiple vendors,” IBM said in a press release this Monday.  

Its Watson IoT Platform includes the IBM Watson IoT for Manufacturing and Asset Health Insight, which is built to help clients address industry-specific IoT challenges.  IBM also took the opportunity to say that it was named IoT software platform leader by Forrester Research, in its latest Wave report on IoT software platforms. 

“The Internet of Things is making an enormous impact on our lives and helping to spur even deeper levels of innovation for those developing the connected devices and products of our future,” said Harriet Green, General Manager, IBM Watson IoT, Commerce and Education. “IBM is helping knock down the barriers to getting started with IoT, making it accessible for clients as they begin their digital transformation.”      

Image Credit: Chesky / Shutterstock