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Insider data breaches are a major concern for all businesses

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For virtually every IT leader (97 percent), insider breach risk is cause for “significant concern”. This is according to a new report by human layer data security solutions provider Egress.

Polling more than 500 IT leaders and 5000 employees across the UK, US and Benelux, the firm found the employees of almost four in five (78 percent) IT leaders have unintentionally put data at risk in the past year.

In most cases (41 percent), data was leaked as a result of a phishing email. Meanwhile, one third (31 percent) made the mistake of sending an email to the wrong person.

It’s not just honest mistakes that are the problem – three quarters of IT professionals think employees are making these sorts of errors intentionally.

Of all possible impacts a data breach can have, IT teams are most concerned with potential financial damage. To combat the threat, businesses are using antivirus solutions (50 percent), email encryption (48 percent) and secure collaboration tools (47 percent).

Egress CEO, Tony Pepper, says the report is proof IT leaders are not managing the risk properly.

“While they acknowledge the sustained risk of insider data breaches, bizarrely IT leaders have not adopted new strategies or technologies to mitigate the risk. Effectively, they are adopting a risk posture in which at least one-third of employees putting data at risk is deemed acceptable," he said.

Sead Fadilpašić

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