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Integrated tech could be the secret key to business success

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(Image credit: Image source: Shutterstock/violetkaipa)

Modern enterprises see a highly connected IT environment as “essential” to their success, a new report from Software AG states. However, most of them are far from making that dream a reality.

Polling 950 IT leaders for its report on the state of APIs, microservices, and integration, Software AG found that 97 percent of IT leaders believe such a connected IT environment would be beneficial. Still, just one percent of them do so already.

At the same time, for 92 percent of the respondents, the need has “never been greater”, the report claims, adding that “it will only continue to grow,” as IDC predicts more than 500 million cloud-native digital apps and services being deployed by 2023.

Most respondents consider APIs extremely important and believe they’d be working in silos were there not for APIs. Many use it for digital transformation projects, as well. Microservices are enjoying a similar image, with IT leaders seeing them as “extremely important”. More than half plan on implementing them within the next year.

Unlike APIs and microservices, integration solutions are now commonplace, the report says, claiming that 99 percent of polled organizations use one. Most of the time, they’ll be running some form of hybrid integration solution, both on-prem and in the cloud. Of all the various benefits integration solutions bring improved productivity, time savings, greater visibility, and the ability to manage information better, stand out as the main ones. 

The biggest barrier to further implementation of a connected IT environment is the lack of a skilled workforce.