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Intel accused of age discrimination

(Image credit: Michael Moore)

Intel has been accused of age discrimination following its 2016 job cuts.

Two years ago, the American chip manufacturer announced that it was laying off staff in a process of restructuring. Back then, a total of 12,000 jobs were cut. Fast forward a few months and word starts spreading that older employees have been given the axe. Intel denied, saying “factors such as age, race, national origin, gender, immigration status, or other personal demographics were not part of the process when we made those decisions.”

Now, the Wall Street Journal has come across Intel’s documents that allegedly speak otherwise. On a sample of 2,300 layoffs, the median age was 49. The median age of the remaining staff is seven years younger.

According to The Verge, some even considered their options for a lawsuit, while others lodged a complaint with the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

Now, the ball is in EEOC’s field.  

The Verge also argues that Intel has been given the limelight after IBM found itself in the same situation. A few months ago, this American tech giant was also accused of age discrimination, reportedly laying off older workers.

Image Credit: Michael Moore